Letting The Butterflies Go

Are class has had the butterflies for
about a month it was sad and happy.I hope they find a safe place to go.
I got to film the butterflies are class only got to see
one leave. One was hert or sleepy. We have had them
from pupa to larva to cryisilis and butterfly.
Izzy and Ana had the flip camras and Trevor and Petra had the digadal camras.

In the Movie today I lerned that eletrons flo that is a
circet and I learned that two men descoverd electeresety


voulme: voulme is like a enstrment you can make it go high and you can make it go low.
wave langthe: Distance is frequency.
waves:Waves are made by loudness.
vibration: The lower the sound gets more vibration and the higher vibrationgets less vibration.
high pitch: High pitch is more squeeky and dosen't vibrationas much.
low pitch: low pitch is always deeper
then high pitch.
sound:Sound energy trasfers threw air.
amplatode:amplatode is like a string when you make it do the wave.

Book Revews


Clemen Tine

Clemen Tine was 8 years old.
Clemen Tine had a friend named Magret.
Her house was like a magizen cover. Clemen Tine's room
was a little clean. But under her bed was a
black hole. And at the end Cemen Tine and Margret became best friends.
The End


Nate The Great And The Halloween Hunt By:Margery Sharmot

Nate the Grate was just about to go Trick-Or-Treting when the door bell rang it was Jas with a Trick-Or Trete bag
then Nate put some tretes in the bag then he closed the door then the door bell rang it was his friends
then one of the friends had to mak a costoom for Trick-Or-Treting
then little Rex secretly cralled in to the Trick-Or-Trete bag then she couldn't find little Rex. Then Nate The Great had to go in to the hunted house then Nate sough something
under a sheet then Nate thought it was little Rex. Then he went back to
his friends house then on the couch in the basket was little Rex


Because Of Winn Dixie

Gloria dump

12/1/09 Winn Dixiewhat can you infer about the Man in the pet store,Otis.I infer

that Otis likes his job because he likes his pets.

Judy Moody and Stink the Mad Mad Mad Mad Treasure Hunt

Judy Moody and Stink will become friends with Tall Boy and Smart

This is what I think Mr.B's House Looks Like

Mr.Boyd's house

Stone Fox 410/10

I infer that Grampa is worried because he is not going to have anuff money?

Book Revew

Jake Drake
The heart of the story was that
you should never try to be a S.I.A.
And you should ask for help (Teamwork)
If you want some.

Jake Drake Response
There was a kid named Jake and their school was having a science fair.
Their principal Anounced that "who ever gets first place in 3rd, 4th, and 5th gets a bluntyom 12 computer."
At te end of the esembley Willy came up to Jake and asked him if he could be his partner but Jake said, "No", so then at the end Jake wanted to be Willys partner and willy said, "sure". And at the end Jake and Willy came in second.

The search for the missing bones
Magic School Bus
In the begining their class was
having an early halloween party.
Mrs. Frizzle got costumse for the party but some bones where missing.
So their class had to go to the factory. But when they were searching for the bones they think
they saw the ghost John and the light go out when ever he comes. There was a howling clock and the class said,"cool."
At the end their class finds out that the glowing skelotons were just the workers. Then the workers told the class
how they plaied the trick. Then the workers gave their class cool skull masks and they went back to their school and
learnd about the skull.
The End

The huron and the Anishnebeg

Alike Difference
They both speek the same langweg. They live in diferent areas
They both use spears to kill animals They are enemys

Shrink Notes
Shrink Notes

Stay Healthy

Paragraph Writing

5 paragraph writing



Mrs.Wilson was our class sub for today
in room 207 Raylerockers. Mrs.Wilson got a native American dress from
her grandmother. The dress was made of deer skin and it had a wesole tale right were the chest is.
You had to be a blood brother to make the dress. I wonder how her grandmother got the
dress and why she got the dress.
In her teaching years she talt kindergarden and first grade. When she was teaching kindergarden she had 40 kids in the
morning and 40 kids in the afternoon. In first grade when they came in from recess a girl pulled the fire alarm and the exit for the class was blocked
and a little girl didn't have shoes on so Mrs.Wilson had to cary her outside. She was a hero. The girl which is in high school now, she pulled the fire alarm three times and she got calt the last time.
Mrs.Wilson has two kids one lives in Ohio and one lives in birmingham.The one that lives in birmingham works at Beaumont.
Her dad was deaf and Mrs.Wilson has a hearing ade and some people in her family have hearing ades ,too. It like runs through their family.
I hope she comes back, Mrs.Wilson was a great sub. We've had other subs but the reson i like her the best is she is fun to have for a sub.


When it was winter break i got to spend the day with Richie. When Richie got to my house we went straight to the basement and turned on the wii
and played Sonic and the Secret Rings. Then we went upstairs and whatched some of the olyimpics withe some popcorn to finish the day with Richie.
Then I went to Shad's house for the concert.
When I got to Shad's house we played some Halo3 on XBox. Then we went to the concert but first we had dinner. and I had a cheese burger with fries and for desert I had ice cream with twix in it. There was a game at the back of the restront. Then we went to the concert to watch Trace Adikson.
Then I went to bed. In the morning we went to Great Wolf Lodge and we got are swim suits on and we went swimming on the water slides.


Intro:My favorite sport is soccer because you get stronger. People think soccer is easy but it is actoly not that easy. I love watching the soccer channle. My favorite team is ACMilon.Soccer is one of my best sports I can play.

Training:Training is one of the hardest things to do to. Because you learn new moves and I say that it is hard because you sometimes don't know how to do the moves. Training is one the funest things in soccer too. You get to play scrimeges.

Games:Games are fun because you win because you tried your hardest and you lose because you didn't try your hardest or you were lazy. But the most funest thing is that you VS new opponents and another fun thing is that you get trophies and medals.

Trophies and medals: Trophies and medals are cool because if you gte one your coach will think "look how far they got".


Persuasive Essays

I'm going tto tell you some stuff
about recycling and how to help the earth.
First i'm going to tell you about life.

Life is one of the most importent things
to keep us alive. If there was trash all over the place
trees wouldn't griw and trees give everyone air
and animals need air and plants and other animals eat other animals
to keep there selves alive.

If we don't recycle and we
put everything in the trash then almost everyone
would be living in a big pool of trash.

Thats all i'm going to tell you
and I hope you recycle and tell everyone you


Mother's day

You are so nice
and you bake nice rice.
It is a treat to have you
because you’re so sweet.
You broke your leg but that
is ok because you have all the
help you can get.
Also you’re a lover and my mother.
Love, Adam





By:Adam B.
I feel the crispy leaves with their orange, yellow and red leaves.I smell the pumpkin pie when it is steaming by the window. I see people raking their leaves up in to a giant pile and there kids jump in the leaves.Then they walk inside and make their selves some milk or hot chocolate with marshmallows
or chocolate milk with pumpkin spice cookies. I see people putting up there halloween decorations.
Then they go to the pumpkin patch. Once they got there they searched for the biggest pumpkin there. Then after
a few days they had carved the inside of their pumpkin. After that on halloween night their moms lighted the candle and stuck it inside of the pumpkin. Finally its time for my favorite part, Trick-or-treating!!! And you all probably know how that went.
The End ​

The Holiday Football Football feilds outside out door fun team ball athletic lose live your life.


How I Will Feel When I Will be Star Of The Week

I can't wait till I get to be the star of the week. My friends are Richie, Chad, Adin, Max, James,
Jack, Noah, and Lukas. Jack, Noah, and Lukas go to Covington. I want to bring in my first Basket Ball
trophy, my travel soccer metal, my stuffed animal named Snowball, and some pictures of my favorite
things, food, things to do, and the things that I brought. I think that Richie is a good artist this is his I can.

I Can

If you'll be my valentine,Mrs.Rayle

If you'll be my valentine i'll give a great big hug and it will
make your day brighten your day up and nothing will frighten your day.


voulme: voulme is like a enstrment you can make it go high and you can make it go low.
wave langthe: Distance is frequency.
waves:Waves are made by loudness.
vibration: The lower the sound gets more vibration and the higher vibrationgets less vibration.
high pitch: High pitch is more squeeky and dosen't vibrationas much.
low pitch: low pitch is always deeper
then high pitch.
sound:Sound energy trasfers thew air.
amplatode:amplatode is like a string when you make it do the wave.


11/30/09 short u lunch crumb stunt such u-e flute use huge june cube ew chew grew knew drew oddballs put push challenge:threw curfew shrewd thumb thus

12-7-09 oo=u school moon smooth tooth ui fruit suit cruise juice ue blue sue clue true Oddballs poor build cruel Challenge proof rescue continue bruise cartoon 1-11-10

ER: germ, fern, herd, stern, clerk
EAR: clear, year, beard, dear
EER: cheer, peer, deer, sneer
ODDBALLS: heart, wear


i grill quick drink crib bring

ir girlfriend twirl firm shirt thirst third

ire tired hire fire wire

challenge skirmish birthday squirt confirm squirm


spelling words
es boxes mixes glasses buses inches dishes
i to y babies worries berries bodies
keep y add s plays mankeys trays enjoys turkeys
challange words bonuses ditches cities counties trophies

slipped grabbed stopped knotted rubbed whizzed
add ed
dreamed picked tracked watched called
add d
liked wasted traded skated
scolded questioned anwsered responded corected

double- dragging quitting shopping swimming
drop e -waving caring driving whining hoping
no change- pushing kicking raining waiting
oddballs- mixing taxing
challange words quoting thanking mourning omitting ignoring


Doubles maddest dimmed shipping swimmer flatten

Root dim ship mad

No Doubles dimly madness coldest hunted shipment sandy

Oddball snowed

Challenge thinest grassy crowded strutting redish


ou: doubt proud couch mouth loud

ow: crowd brown vow scowl clown

oi: spoil noise joint point hoist

challenge: downstairs outfeild frowning moisten

adam's idioms

Two heads are better that One

socal studies


Haiti Help

We need your help
there was a terible earthquake in Haiti and the need our help!
You can text five dollars red cross #24357
Without looking up from your phone! Carry on Martin Luther King's dream now!
You can make a difference now


The Chipmunk and the crazy scientist

All About Me

My favorite baseball team is...The yankees