Today we let the 3 butterfly that had hatched go.One of them flew away quickly.
The other two stayed on the grass.I bet the butterfly that left quickly really to get
a head start for Mexico.

This is what i learned about electricity and magnetism.If you put a battery in a refrigerator it last's longer.
If you put a magnet together it will stick together but if you put a battery together and both are on the same
side they won't stick together.
Electricity useing batterys

Muscles help move our joints

Book Reviews

What word might Nicholas have made up if he hadn't come up with
frindle?I think it would be gart.I think it would be gart because he would
think it was a funny word and wonder would anyone say it.

Book review for Clementine
Clementine was a good book.It was about a girl with a
fruit name.I think this would between the ages of 6-8
because most kids might think clementine is a good
book and tell there friends they should read it.That is my
book review for clementine.Watch for my next review.​
By​ Adin S.
The search for the missing bones

In the beginning of the story.Mrs.Frizzle told everyone
that they were having an early Halloween party.She got everyone a costumes.
But every one was missing a bone for there costume.So they went to the factory.
They met the owner of the factory Mr.humane.He gave them the controls to the conveyor belt.
First they went to stockroom A.While there finding bones Mrs. Frizzle talks about different bones.
Once they fond a the bone they got back on the conveyor belt.Then the lights went off and they saw the ghost of John.

Social Studies

The Huron and the Anishinabeg
Alike Different
Spoke the same langauge
Both hated each other

2,000 years ago there was a group called the Hopewell.
They moved to Michigan from Indiana and Ohio.The hopewell
were mound builders.

I think services are better than goods because if you
do a service your helping someone, like if your a
docter you have to help people when there sick.
By: Grace & Adin


Mrs.Wilson was are sub.She told us a bunch of stories about herself.
Mrs,Wilson was a hero when she tought at pierce.After lunch was over
her class was taking off there snow stuff.Then a girl pulled the fire alarm.
The fire exit where mrs.Wilson had to go was covered with snow.Some kids didn't
have there coats on.But one girl didn't have her shoes on so mrs.wilson had to cary
her outside.The girl who did it didn't get caught.
Mrs.wilson told us she had a native american dress.It was really her great grandmother's dress.
She didn't know what it was made of.So she took it to a native american museum.
One of the people that worked there took out a match and rubbed it across the dress.
Then he and another guy said something in native american.They told her that it was made of deer skin.

Video games

This is my intro for video games.They are awesome.A lot of games are hard to
play and some are easy.Most of them are action games and not alot of them
are kids games.In my opinion the action games are the best!Now i'm going to
tell you how to play my games.

In star wars the force unleashed darth vader comes to kill a jedi.But after you kill him.
If you want to know how to play star wars the force unleashed your going to need these tips.
If you want to use the force press R2 on the controller.To be better at the game.
Always go to the training room for practice.You will be an awesome fighter.May the
force be with you.Now i'm going to talk about infamous.

Infamous is a game where a guy gets electric powers

Recycle Essay
You should recycle because it helps the earth and us.
Also if you don’t recycle the thing throw away will take more than a decade to disinagrate. If you don’t recycle. Things like trees, animals and people might die. If we recycle we will have more clean air, living space and more nature.

People throw things in the water we need water. Everyone
Should recycle. Things that can’t be recycled should be used to make things for instance you can make two big pop bottles Can be made in to a hourglass. Lots of things can be reused and recycled. You even be able to make a game out of things that can’t
Be recycled.



This is Mr. Boyd's house

Mr.Boyds Home

What do you infer will be the next thing to happen in Judy Moody and Stink The mad mad mad mad Treasure hunt?
I think Judy and stink will become great friends with tall boy and smart girl.

12/1 Winn Dixie
What do you infer about the man in the pet store,Otis? I infer that Otis has his own pet

I infer that grandpa is worried about willie Because willie is really worried
about his grandpa.Willie is worried about him losing money
the crop.


Candy I taste candy My candy taste awesome I awesome flavor makes people think this is the best candy in the world I see candy I feel the candy when I put in my hand I hear myself chewing the candy

If You'll Be My Valentine Mrs.Rayle

If you'll be my valentine
I'll give you lots of hugs
And give you lots of of bugs
My bugs will hug you so they can love you
But they will love me more



ou: doubt proud couch mouth loud

ow: crowd brown vow scowl clown

oi: spoil noise joint point hoist

challenge: downstairs outfeild frowning moisten


short u lunch crumb stunt such

u_e: flute use huge June cube

ew: chew grew knew drew

oddballs: put push

challenge words: threw curfew shewd thumb thus

oo=u school moon smooth tooth
ui fruit suit cruise juice
ue blue sue clue true

poor build eruel
proof rescue continue bruise cartoon ER: germ, fern, herd, stern, clerk
EAR: clear, year, beard, dear
EER: cheer, peer, deer, sneer
ODDBALLS: heart, wear
Challange: permit, expert yesterday, verse, spear


i grill quick drink crib bring

ir girlfriend twirl firm shirt thirst third

ire tired hire fire wire

challenge skirmish birthday squirt confirm squirm

1-25-10 spelling oor door poor floor or storm normal torch north forget forge ore store score wore chore swore

2-5-10 ure lure sure cure pure ur purse burst turn blurt church ear pearl earth learn earn heard search


spelling words
es boxes mixes glasses buses inches dishes
i to y babies worries berries bodies
keep y add s plays monkeys trays enjoys turkeys
challenge words bonuses ditches cities counties trophies


slipped grabbed stopped knotted rubbed whizzed
add ed
dreamed picked tracked watched called
add d
liked wasted traded skated
scolded questioned anwsered responded corected



awe caw straw gnaw sprawl shawl

al stall walk chalk au sauce caught because launch oddballs aunt laugh

Doubles- dragging quitting shopping swimming Drop e -waving caring driving whining hoping No change- pushing kicking raining waiting Oddballs- mixing taxing Challange words quoting thanking mourning omitting ignoring

Fun Stuff!



Be part of Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream.

Help haiti with food, water and shelter.

Article for shrinking notes

shrinking notes

My favorite baseball team is

Go Phillies
Go Phillies