Which is more importent, goods or services?
we picked services. the reason why we picked services
is because you get goods by it.

Valentines poetry,Mrs Rayle
If you'll be my valentine i'll do any thing for you i'll bake cookie's cake's and anything too

If you'll be my valentine i'll be super nice i'll give you an apple every day and when you are sad i'll make you glad again and again

alex pn​




ou: doubt proud couch mouth loud

ow: crowd brown vow scowl clown

oi: spoil noise joint point hoist

challenge: downstairs outfeild frowning moisten

11/30 :)

short u lunch crumb stunt such

u_e: flute use huge June cube

ew: chew grew knew drew

oddballs: put push

challenege words: threw cufew shewd thumb thus


i: grill quick drink crib bring

ir: girlfriend twirl firm shirt thirst third

ire: tired hire fire wire

challenge skirmish birthday squirt confirm squirm 12-7-09 oo=u school moon smooth tooth ui fruit suit cruise juice ue blue sue clue true Oddballs poor build eruel Challenge proof rescue continue bruise cartoon

Er: germ fern herd stern clerk
Ear: clear year beard dear
Eer: cheer peer deer sneer
Oddballs: heart wear
Challange: permit expert yesterday verse spear

ure: lure sure cure pure
ur: purse burst turn blurt church
ear: pearl earth learn earn heard search
challenge: surplus furniture turkey slur churn


es: boxes mixes glasses buses inches dishes
i: babies worries berries bodies
y s: plays monkeys trays enjoys turkeys
challange words: bonuses ditches cities counties trophies

Mrs. Rayle
Mrs. Rayle is my third grade teacher.And she has been my teacher since September. She has a light blue beetle.
She has two children. Mrs. Rayle lives on Henrietta which is close to my house and to school. Her house is blue
and white and it has an oval window on the front. It is big and beautiful.

Mrs.Rayle is a good teacher, because she teaches me alot of things. She has taught me alot about spelling, math
and some reading. I kind of like third grade.

Mrs.Rayle says it is important for me to do my homework. I think so too. I will try my best to do my homework
every day.

See full size image
See full size image


I like soccer because it's my favorite sport.Some day I would like to be a professional soccer player.I would like to be one of the best.I hope you like soccer as much as I do.But remember it's just a game don't hurt the people on the other team it's just for fun.

To play soccer you have to practise running,kicking and practise being a good goalie .Also,you have to be a fast runner.While you practise running practise dribbling the ball until you're really good at it.Try practising all types of running games that help you run better.

Try kicking the ball really far and if you can kick it half the field your good for travel goalie.A travel goalie is a person who is like a goalie but they are on the field.Also to be a goalie you have to try to not let soccer ball into the net.

In soccer you can't touch the ball with your hands unless your a goalie or else it's a penalty.You can't push or trip but you can push a tiny bit with your hip and steal the ball.Hope you enjoyed all this infomation about how to play soccer.
external image 2008recruits.gif

The dentist
by: Alexander Williams

One day Alex gets ready to go to school then Mom comes up to me and says "Alex your going to the dentist today at 1:20 P.M." "Is any one else coming"said Alex

This is a picture about electrisaty


Two men made electrisaty in 1891.And they made electrisaty by moving a pack of wiers over a magnet and it made a composs pont where it was flowing.

Today we made light with a battery and a light bulb. We also made a small motor work with the battery. I also learned that if you put a battery in the fridge your battery will have more power.

The magic school bus
by:Eva More
They have a early halloween party and they get some
costume's.Their costumes are missing bones so they go to the factory .They see that people are inside costumes.Every time they find a bone
mrs.F teaches about it .When the people who tricked them told how they did it they sayed it was an eletric suit.They press it and it lights up they press it again it's black.Ghosts are the factory workers.They go back to school and before they leave they get maske's.

Social studys

Book reviews



I like this book becaus Clementime calls her brother any vegtable. And this story is about a girl named clementime
that had a cat that past away.And at the end she gets a new cat.And they do piegon war (humans aganst piegons.)



I see the darknis of halloween night it gives me the frights.Every where i go i feel like im being watched.

Gooney the fabuloulus

I liked this book alot.Its fun to read.And its a funny book


what canyou infer about the man in the pet store,otis

by:Alexander W.

Stone Fox by: John Reynolds Gardiner

Stone fox is about a boy named Little Willy and his grand father is relly sick and he does'nt want to live any more so little willy does his crop of patatos for him.And he is worryed about something and I think that he is worryed about little willy being alone and with thier dog and do the crop every year.

what do you think will happen next thing to happen in judy and stink
the mad mad mad mad treasher hunt they will be freinds with tall boy and smart girl.

​Fun stuff

2,000 years ago there was a group called the Hopewell.
They moved to Michigan from Indiana and Ohio.The hopewell
were mound builders.

the lion and the girafe

Once-upon a time there was a lion and a girafe."i will eat you" said the lion. "NOOO! i am in quick-sand if you will help me i will let you eat me or we
can go hunting" "ok" said the lion (he helped him up.)And the girafe ran away and came back with a knive. And the lion ran away and came back with
an eagle feather.The lion said "i will trade my best knive for your knive" "ok"said the girafe they set off and came back with a baby elefant and a grown up
zebra. The girafe tryed to kill the baby elefant it ran away and the lion cought the elefant and ate it then he ate the girafe the end.

external image lego-star-wars-the-game.jpg
external image lego-star-wars-the-game.jpg