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Haiti Help!

We are begging for you to donate.
Their was a a terrible earth quake in Haiti.
It was built to have 80,000 people, But it has 200,000, and so many people have died.
So you can make a difference right now!
Just text #24357 (2help)
Follow Dr.King's dream. It only cost's $5.00
These people need our help very badly.
So please donate.




How do bones and muscles work together in our bodies?




Which is more important, goods/ services? Well THEY are both very important to Economics but good is more impotrant than the service.
a good is what the custimor wants and when they want it at the right time.

Shrinking notes!

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Paragragh writing

Febuary Break

My cat,Simon, had his first birthday party on Wednesday afternoon at 1:00, people enjoyed the very fun games. There was a medim sized Pinyata in the form of a lion. Inside the pinyate, there were 5 heart-shaped stamps for each guest. When I ripped open the lion's nose, I laughed. At the end of the party I wanted to build a snow fort.

I made a snow fort that was relly cool! THe snow fort walls were made out of giant snow balls. Me and my friend Alissa rolled and ralled, making the snow fort was hard work. So I decided that after so hard wor I could do alitle bit of fun by going sledding.

I went to Beverly hill to go sledding. I went down a dare devil run. The run was shaped like a tunel and where it started there was boards so you had to lay down. I have gone on amny breaks but this one was awesome!

I love towrite about my vacations and adventures but this one was one of my favorite. Simon's party was exiting and sledding was crazy but the good part as that I had a good time. I loved wriing this but this is the end. That is what I did over Febuary break!


Yesterday Mrs.Wilson was our sub. She told us about her years of teaching. I want to tell you about her teaching
. Mrs.Wilson began teaching corear in Ohio. In Ohio she taught kindergarden. After a thew years, Mrs.Wilson moved to Birmingham. In Birmingham Mrs.Wilson taught first grade and had 80 kids a day.
After some years, Her cousin was moving to Florida, She wanted mrs. Wilson to have some things. Mrs.Wilson's cousin gave her a native american dress that was her great grandmothers
. The dress was made out of parts of animals. The only way the person who gave it to her great grandmother would have to be a blood brother. The native americans put a weasle tail on the chest.
Those are some things about Mrs.Wilson, She is the most uniqe subsitute I ever had.


Ice Skating

Ice skating is a fun sport but a little tricky. It's on ice so you need to practice. I think free skating is the most fun. If you just let your body relax, you will be fine. But first you will need a pair of ics skates.

If your going ice skating you need a pair if ice skates. Take both strings and cross them. Rap them around the boot of the skate. Then you can go ice skating!!!!! But you might want to have fun spinning first.

Spinning on skates is pretty easy if you know how to do it. First go foreward, and do a (not sharp) turn. Then push on one of your feet. Keep pushing on your foot if you want to do more spins. And another trick is going from frontwards to backward.

Ice skating going foreward is easy, but can you go from sakting forward to backwards? skate foreward than push a little on one foot untill you are backwards, But dont stop skating. Then instead of pushing backwards, push in foreward with one of your feet going in front of you, not behind. Now you can go some pace on the ice and go foreward to backward.

If you like spinning and skating backwards,You can learn how to sakte backwara and do a spin or two. spinning is fun and so is going backwards. To do both, you need to go backwards first, then as usual,you push on a foot and spin! Then when your on the ice, you will have fun skating and doing some tricks. Now that you know how to do th ings, I would like to thank you.

I am happy that you can now do some tricksdo I would like to thank you for reading this. I have made this about ice skating cause I enjoy to ice skate an I hope now people (who like to ice skate, like girls) like it too. Ice sakting is fun. So now try to do all hte things I wrote.

external image ice_skating_250x251.jpg



For my vacation, I went to Florida. The day you fly their is always going to take up most of your day. But at least you wil get their. When my family goes, our friends from Chicago are their.

The Martello's are from Chicago Illinois. They always go to Florida when we go and some other holiday's. The kids names are Alexandra who is 12,Olivia who is 10, Desi who is 7 and Henry now at age 4. We saw wild dolphins with them at the beach.

At sunset, the Martellos and my family saw wild dolphins! Their were two of them, one swam away after a while. The dolphins kind of like sharks cause they did not put their head up, only their fin. They were looking for fish, the dolphin was trying to get the fish when he put his head up.The next day, we went to the Timmises

After me and my friend Amanda went swimming in her pool at her condo, her dad found a huge coconut and we got out as fast as we could. We were going to eat it but the core was rotten, there was little ones too, I took one. The little coconuts had no core. By then, my vacation was practically over.

Florida is a good place to vacation. Always warm weather and palm trees. Some times their are lizards. A warm vacation is a good vacation!


Why should you Recycle?









A-wesome gift's


If you'll be my valentine,Mrs.Rayle

If you'll be my valentine...
I'll make you feel good,
I'll by you a white t-shirt hood,
To wear in the neighborhood.
Together we will have fun drawing on wood.
By: Alexandra.F


Idiom Comic's




By.Elien Spinellie Thanksgiving at the Tappletons

I infer they will buy a new Turkey
or They will get a boat, and get it!

12/1/09 Winn Dixie
I infer that Odis like's pet's. So that is why he has his job.I
also infer that his boss is very stricked, But he like's her still
I infer that Odis's
family doesn't really live by, Except for some people.


I liked Clementine. the book was about a girl named Clementine. She has a friend named Margret. Clementine alway's would get in to troub when she tried to help. When Margret get's a chunk of glue in her hair, Margret ask's Clementine to cut off all of Margret's hair. Margret's mom get's really mad.And they weren't friend's anymore.At the end they become friend's again. And when she putt's the pidgen's from the front of her building to the side,by putting up a big cat picture.They putt a party together for Clementine, With Margret, and her family. I think you shoul read this book. Alexandra

What ​word might,
Nicholas have made up if he hadn't come up with Frindle? Inkrighter.

Book Reviews

Dragon Slippers
My favorite book I have read over this year was Dragon Slippers. Dragon Slippers is a fantasy and a realistic fiction. The whole stoyy is about a nothing farm girl named Creel looking for some work to get earnings. Her aunt trys to get her to be rescued by the lords son, but instead Creel gets magic slippers made out of the qween of dragons skin. When Creel comes along by her 3rd dragon, some how in a misterious way, they become friends. Creel stay's for a while then gets some help from the dragon to get to the Kings seat. Creel wishes to see him again but when she trys to call for him for help one day, no dragon is seen. Now only he can't come because of the battle going to appear. Creel has to fight the pain princess Amalia who is controlling the dragons, Creel needs to fight to get her beutaful blue slippers back in her hands.

This is a picture of the book Dragon Sliipers. The Dragons name is Shradas (Thye king of Dragons) And Creel is the girl.

Magic School Bus
The search for the missing bones. By:Eva Omre
The kids in Miss Frizzles class are going to have a early Halloween party. Miss Frizzle gives every one a skeloton costume. But some of the bones are missing! Will the kids find all the bones in time? As the class walks in to the factory, Off they go to find the bones! When a kid finds a bone, Miss Frizzle teaches them about the boone.When the kids go back in to the bus, It becomes dark. All the kids see a skeloton glow and disapeer. They all think it's the ghost of John. Miss Frizzle takes them to find the rest of the bones. All the sudden their was howling! Where did it come from? About ten minutes later, The lights go off. Their, The ghost of John is dancing with his friends. Everybody goes back to the bus. As they statrt moving, Arnold see's a black, dark tunnle ahead. MIss Frizzle trys to stop the bus but it doesn't work. When they go on to the tunnle,The lights go on. Their was a bunch of workers in black costumes. The head person comes over to them and toled them how the workers were testiing their new skeloton costumes and tricking the kids. When the kids get back to the school, Miss Frizzle gives them all skull masks. Then Miss Frizzle brings in a cart with cookies, cupcakes, and punch for the party.

Judy moody and The mad, mad, mad, mad, Treasure hunt.
I think Judy Moody,Stink, and tall boy and smart girl will become
friend's.And I think they will play around on the ship. I bet they all will come back
from the ship, And play a really fun game. Alexandra


Stone Fox I infer that Grandpa is just a littlw worried what will happen when little Willy leaves to colledge......



doubles: maddest dimmed shipping swimmer flatten
root word: dim ship mad
no doubles: dimly madness coldest hunted shipment sandy
oddball: snowed
challenge: thinest grassy crowded strutting redish


double- dragging quitting shopping swimming drop e -waving caring driving whining hoping no change- pushing kicking raining waiting oddballs- mixing taxing challange words quoting thanking mourning omitting ignoring

Short u lunch crumb stunt such
u-e flute use huge june cube
ew chew grew knew drew
odd balls put push
Challenge: threw curfew shrewd thumb thus.

oo=u school moon smooth tooth
ui fruit suit cruise juice
ue blue sue clue true

poor build eruel
proof rescue continue bruise cartoon

2-5-10 ure lure sure cure pure ur purse burst turn blurt church ear pearl earth learn earn heard search challenge surplus furniture turkey slur churn


ER: germ, fern, herd, stern, clerk
EAR: clear, year, beard, dear
EER: cheer, peer, deer, sneer
ODDBALLS: heart, wear


i: grill quick drink crib bring

ir: girlfriend twirl firm shirt thirst third

ire: tired hire fire wire

challenge: skirmish birthday squirt confirm squirm


es: boxes mixes glasses buses inches dishes i: babies worries berries bodies y s: plays monkeys trays enjoys turkeys challange words: bonuses ditches cities counties trophies


slipped grabbed stopped knotted rubbed whizzed
add ed
dreamed picked tracked watched called
add d
liked wasted traded skated
scolded questioned answered responded corrected

Fun stuff!!!!!!!!

Tricster Tales!

Crab and Squirrel

Squirrel was a well known trickster. He always was doing a trick for candy. On day it was hot and sunny. Crab was doing a treasure hunt and got lost in the forest very hungry.Crab called out to his friend."Squirrel, Squirrel!" Crab heard the noise of a squirrel. Crab made a little grin. Squirrel came out of his tree hole holding a pinyata. asked "Do you think I could have something to eat?" Squirrel noded. Then finally said "Pinyata" Crab made a huge smile. While Crab was thinking of candy he tolled Squirrel " I'll be right up!" Squirrel did one nod. Crab clawed and clawed at the tree. But still could not get up.Crab heard BANG! BOING! BOOM! Squirrel trotted on to a branch holding something behind his back. Crab thought it was candy. But was wrong. Squirrel yelled out "Surprise,Surprise!"And quickly dropped out five water baloons mixed with three nuts. Squirrel was laughing so hard he didn't see Crab leave. About a week later, Squirrel was hot and hungry on the beach. Squirrel called out to crab. No sighn of Crab came. Squirrel tried again. "Crab!!!" This time Crab came. Crab said "Yes, How may I help you?" Squirrel hissed " I need to eat man, Well crab, I need to eat!" Crab made a evil grin for a minute. Then whispered "Pinyata" Squirrel jumped up. They went under water. Squirrel's eyes got big from all the danger he saw and plopped up. Squirrel heard BANG!BLOB!BOOM! And walked home with just one piece of candy. The End!

Jake Drake Know-It-All
By:Andrew Clements

Jake is a boy in middle school. Jake Drake's school is having a science fair for third, Fourth, And fith graders. Each one would get a prize for third second and first. The prize for first place is a a new kind of computer. The contestants can be partnered with one person. Jake wants to have the new conputer to himself so he says no to his best friend Wil

Social Studies

The Huron and the Anishinabeg
Alike Different
They plant crops they don't wear the same clothes
They hunted animals The tribes lived in different areas
They used ALL the stuff from the animal they hunted

We thought the most intresting thing
in our Michigan book was that the indians burried
dead people in mounds. One of them in Ohio was shaped like a Snake.
First the intt the dead people on logs.