This is a battery circut

I learned that electricity travels from the minus end of the battery up to the quirly part of the light bulb down to the plus end

Question: How do bones and muscles work together to support our bodies?

Bones form the structure for our body, while muscles are responsible for pulling the joints, letting us to move. The cartilage, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, all working as one holding bones together and letting joints move. Butterflies On October 8 we let our butterflys go. It took a minute for one to get going but the other were scared to get go. We don't know if the little guys got going yet, but I am happy we let them go. I am gussing they did not like the cage bec ause they were not flying around as much as they would outside. but the outdoors are new for them becuase we got them when they were in the larva stage. . I am positive they got going on thier whay to Mexico by now because it has been a few days. We had a few people taking videos and some were taking pichtures Poetry​ My poem Hot Chocolate My poem what summer should never look like
Gardening gloves for my mom
Mother's day poem You're really nice You're really sweet I think you're quite a treat Sometimes you spoil me By having two furballs You try your best To keep me neat and healthy That's why I must present to you This poem from my heart And i say you're really sweet And like most meats :) A Freaky Holloween At the end of October I sure see the The freaks come out of me At one house in Strawberry Hill One scary thing I see One big electric vampire That talks then pulls off his head the talks again!!!!!!!! I sceam and run off the porch And when I knock on the door A guy in a mummy suit pops out! Academic Mathamatic Exititing Loveable Incredible Amazing Book reviews 11 birthdays by Wendy Mass 11 birthdays is a book about a girl named Amanda who has a fight with her best friend Leo on thier 10th birthday and on thier 11th they get stuck in a loop on that same day over and over again until an old lady named Angela helps them find out what the cause is. Wil they get out of the loop? read the book to find out.
This is the book 11 Birthdays
Q.what word might Nicolas have come up with if he did not make up frindle?
A. He could have come up with another word for pen besides frindle like vandor or zigerpie. And I know how he came up with the word frindle too. He was just was walking home from detetion with his friend and his friend found a gold fountin pen and then he said frindle Clementine Book reveiw Clementine is a girl whos cat died. she thinks it is unfair that her brother did not get stuck with a friut or vetctible name. she helps her dad figh the pigons in the great pigon war. her dad dose not care if the alley beside the building is knee deep in pigon goo because he is at war with pigon goo. At scool on monday Margret gets glue in her hair. Clementine wants to help by cutting off the lump. But Margret said it looked aful so she told Clementine to cut of all her hair. But then Clementine cut off all her hair so Margret would not have to be the only one with a bald head. Read the book to find out what comes next. Pictures and fun stuff!
This is my I Can...... photo
Reading ​ Inferences
This is Gloria dump
This is my inferenc of what Mr. Norwood Boyd's house looks like. This is my inference of Gloia Dump.
This is Mr. Broyd's house
what do you infer will happen next in the Mad Mad Mad Mad tresure hunt? i think that Judy Stink Tall Boy and Smart Girl will go on the piriat ship Thanks giving at the Tappeltons by Eileen Spinelli I infer that they will have to get a new turkey because thier's slid into the pond and broke the ice and it bubbled down to the bottom. 12-1 Winn Dixie what do you infer about the pet store guy Otis? 1. I infer that he is new to his job as a pet store guy . 2. I think he is shy. 3. I infer that he is a nice man Stone Fox 4-14-10 What do I think is wrong with Grandfather? I think he is worried about Little Willy's future and money

Social studies

Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
Lived in the upper pensula
in the 1800's.

alike different

they both live in michigan they live in different parts of the MI

they were both good at things the anishnabeg was good at ricing the huron were good at trading

spelling 11\30 short u lunch crumbstunt such u_e flute use huge June cube oddballs put push ew chew grew knew drew Challenge threw curfew shrewd thumb thus


i: grill quick drink crib bring

ir: girlfriend twirl firm shirt thirst third

ire: tired hire fire wire
challenge: skirmish birthday squirt confirm squirm 12-7-09 oo=u school moon smooth tooth ui fruit suit cruise juice ue blue sue clue true Oddballs poor build eruel


scr: scram screech scrape scratch screw

shr: shred shrunk shrank shrink

str: string strict strange stretch strong straight

challenge: streching scratched scraping scribbled shriek


double- dragging quitting shopping swimming drop e -waving caring driving whining hoping no change- pushing kicking raining waiting oddballs- mixing taxing challange words quoting thanking mourning omitting ignoring


Doubles: maddest dimmed shipping swimmer flatten

Root: dim ship mad

No Doubles: dimly madness coldest hunted shipment sandy

Oddball: snowed

Challenge: thinest grassy crowded strutting redish

surplus furniture turkey slur churn
2-5-10 ure lure sure cure pure ur purse burst turn blurt church ear pearl earth learn earn heard search challenge
Challenge proof rescue continue bruise cartoon Idiom comic


ou: doubt proud couch mouth loud

ow: crowd brown vow scowl clown

oi: spoil noise joint point hoist

challenge: downstairs outfeild frowning moisten groundhog

If you'll be my valentine, Mrs Rayle If you'll be my valentine I'll make you a super star I'll send you to Hollywood We'll eat cookies on the way If you promise to send hugs from afar

Audacity files


Haiti Help

We need your help
there was a terible earthquake in Haiti and the need our help!
You can text five dollars to red cross #24357
Without looking up from your phone! Carry on Martin Luther King's dream now!
You can make a difference now!!


Ways and Why You Should Recycle

Think about what the world would look like if we used it as a garbage can.
We would have no space to grow food, play outside and even live!
If we change our ways now we will have a better, brighter future

Trash will over power us
If we keep littering we will have no space to grow food.
Trash will over power us and we will have no space to live.
The trash we put into landfills is creating a harmful chemical
that is contaminating the air we breathe, and we need clean heathy air,
not bad contaminated air.

Compostable chip bags
Here's another way you can recycle. Now we have chip bags that can be composted.
The sun chip snack bags will dissinigrate like old food scaps you compost.
If you compost them you make food for bugs and insects and, that will make cleaner, richer soil.

Recycling bin
If you live in Birmingham you are provided a recycling bin.
You can recycle your old pop cans, news papers and and plastic bottles!
And if the supermarket you go to has a bottle returner, you can slide your plastic bottles into the
hole and you can get a slip that has money on it and you can give it to the cashier and you spend it!

My memorial day weekend
My memorial day weekend started witha fantastic trip to the BCC swim club with Alexandra and Anita, two of my best friends. I jumped off the diving board. I was scared out my skins but I did it. That night my Dad's friend came over and we played Sorry and watched the fish in my pond.
On Sunday my uncle Bill came over They watched TV while I was watching a pay-per veiw concert in my Dad's room.
And Monday it was extremly rainy so I cleaned out my dresser. Later in the day I went to Just Baked with my Dad. After that I went to dinner with two of my Dad's brothers, Mark and John. We went to Mitchel's Fish Market.
That was my Fabulus Memorial Day Weekend.

My paragraph about my dog, Kramer I love my dog. His name is Kramer. He is very sweet. My mom got him in 2008 along with his brother, Jackson.And now I will tell you about him. Kramer has a favorite toy. We call it Leopard Guy. We call it that because it is shaped like a human and has leopard print on one side. But we have to hide it because if we try to take it he would growl at us.He licks too. Now I will tell you about that. Kramer loves to lick. He absalutly loves to. But it gets out of hand sometimes because he eats his brother's poop. He is also very cute and silly. I think he is very cute and silly. He has this adorable brown spot on his back that I love. He is also very silly. Every day when I get home from school he jump on me alot. And when I sit down on the couch he get so exited to see me he jumps up (He hardly ever jumps up on anything) and he starts rolling around. Thats Kramer. I love Kamer. Between all the licking and cuddleing he is a good dog. Sometimes a little absesive about toys and things but he is a good dog to have around to cuddle. Thats all about my dog. My Spring Vacation Writing

My awsome vacation started with a looooong trip to to Sandusky, Ohio in a cramped truck. I went with my mom, Martha, her friend Barry, and his son, Zachary. We were going to the Great Wolf Lodge. I thought the most fun thing was the water park. It had two baby slides, that I went on alot, two big slides that were connected to a big play fort, and last but not least a monster slide. Being there a long time can have it's advantages because you can't do it all in one trip.

While I was in the baby pool I was building the strength to go on the monster slide. The moner slide was the best part of the water park. I went down with my mom in a double tube because I was afriad to go down alone. It was soooooooo cool!!!!

On Wednesday Zachary and I tie-died t-shirts. The lady in the tent wraped my t-shirt in a couple rubber bands so it would have a star pattern. I tie-died each section a different color so it would look soooooo cool.

By the time it was time to go home we did almost every thing. We had soooooo much fun. I would like to go back again, just without all the de-tours. Having all that fun can really tire you out. It felt soooo good to lie on my bed since I had not done it since Monday night. It felt good being home. I was glad vacation was over because I wanted to see my friends.

My paragraph about Mrs Wilson Mrs Wilson is a great person. She always has mant stories to tell.Here are some of the things I thought were interesting. When she came to our class yesterday she told us many stories, this is one she told us. She told us she had been teaching and subing for eighteen years.for a few of them she taught kindergarden. She was the only kindergarden teacher so she taught over one-hundred chidren a week.She taught first greade when she moved to Michigan.And this one little girl pulled the fire alarm three times before she got caught. Later in the day Mrs Wilson told us she did not have her ears pierced.Mrs Wilson Does not have pierced ears.She said she wore clip on earings.Hde even called heself a chicken for not having pierced ears. But what she told us later by far was the most interesting. During social studies Mrs. Wilson told us she had a nativeamerican dress. The dress beloned to Mrs. Wilson's great grandmother. It was sewn witha deer gut. There was a weasel tail on the chest. And it was beautifly beaded. I hope Mrs.Wilson will come back. She is great and interesting teacher. when she comes back I hope she will
This is Mrs. Wilson
tell lots more stories.

My shrinking notes projects

This is the front of my shrinking notes projects


Which is more important,goods or sevices? Goods.

Why? Goods are more important beacause to run a sevice you need goods, (like to run a store you need things to sell.)