I'm Anita and I'm eight years old. I love candy (and chocolate!) and I love butterflies. I'm so happy we got to take care of butterflies and meal-worms that turn into beetles! Its different than Mrs. Radecky's second grade class, but its third grade, I'm ready for surprises! I am so happy I ended up with Mrs. Rayle for a third grade teacher. My favorite holidays are Chritmas and Halloween! My
BIRTHDAY is June 21. In spanish, its Veinteyuno de Junio. I like playing tenis and swimming. I have a dog named Hobbes, a sister named Kathleen, a mom and dad and two frogs that I named Eggman and Walrus. My favorite colors are Light Blue and Jet Black. I love my cousins and other family members. My favorite subjects in school are Gym, Music, Reading, Lunch, INE block and Math. Some of my best friends are Grace, Izzy, Olivia Z, Alexandra, Logan.


What I learned in the electricity video was that when you put a battery in a freezer, it will last longer.

My circuit from science

Butterflys fly away

Today we let three butterflies go. They started as larva and now, they are all grown up. We let them free but two were lying in the grass. The third one flew South. (I think!) Izzy and I got flip cameras and we taped the butterflies. Trevor and Petra had digital cameras and took lots of photos! I'm a little sad that we had to let them go but just think about it this way, they are happy and they are free. I mean, I sure woudn't like to be cooped up in a butterfly net my whole life! They were painted ladies and I think they might be a little chilly flying in the Fall, but they will make it. And I think they will
be buzzing about Summer and Spring and can't wait till they come back to Michigan!


​short u: lunch crumb stunt such
u_e: flute use huge June cube
ew: chew grew knew drew
odd balls: put push
challenge: threw curfew shrewd thumb thus

oo=u school moon smooth tooth
ui fruit suit cruise juice
ue blue sue clue true

poor build eruel
proof rescue continue bruise cartoon

ure: lure sure cure pure
ur: purse burst turn blurt church
ear: pearl earth learn earn heard search
challenge: surplus furniture turkey slur churn


es: boxes mixes glasses buses inches dishes
i: babies worries berries bodies
y s: plays monkeys trays enjoys turkeys
challange words: bonuses ditches cities counties trophies


doubles: maddest dimmed shipping swimmer flatten
root word: dim ship mad
no doubles: dimly madness coldest hunted shipment sandy
oddball: snowed
challenge: thinest grassy crowded strutting redish


ou: doubt proud couch mouth loud
ow: crowd brown vow scowl clown
oi: spoil noise joint point hoist
challenge: downstairs outfeild frowning moisten


au: author because fault haul taught sauce
aw: crawl drawn awful
al: calm bald chalk false

challenge: squawk stalking sprawl haunted gnaw


w + a: watch swan want swamp wasp
wr: wrist wrestle wreak wrote write wrong
w + ar: swarm warden warn dwarf
challenge: wristwatch watched unwanted swatting writing

scr: scram screech scrape scratch screw
shr: shred shrunk shrank shrink
str: string strict strange stretch strong straight
challenge: streching scratched scraping scribbled shriek


My Dog Hobbes

By: Anita

Who Loves:
Me Kathleen
Moe (the cat)

Who Needs:
Space to run

Who Gives:
and Doggy face

Christmas By: Anita

I love Christmas yes I do!
I put up a sock,
But it doesn't go in your shoe.
Santa comes with lots of toys,
All for me, Christmas joys!
He puts the presents,
Under the tree.
And I wake up early,so I can see.

Turkey! By: Anita

I love turkey,
yes I do!
I love turkey,
don't you?
I'll eat it hot,
I'll eat it cold.
I'll eat it new,
but not when it's old!


C hristmas time is here!

H appy season has come!

R ed and green are the colors.

I s it midnight yet?

S ending letters to family.

T' was the night before Christmas.

M erry Christmas!

A pretty time of the year!

S ome milk and cookies are his favorite!


S anta
A jolly man
N ick is his other name
T' was the night before Christmas was when he came
A bag full of presents upon his back!

If you'll be my Valentine, Mrs. Rayle

If you'll be my valentine, I'll bake cookies just for you. We can eat them for dessert and for the next day too!

Happy Mothers Day!
(mom, this one is for you)

Mothers Day is comming soon, I can't wait, it's almost noon!
I can't wait to tell, you,
How much I love, you!
When I'm sick you care for me.
When your sick I give you tea.
You don't like pugglys,
but you like snugglys and

Mothers Day Gloves


By: Anita Davis

Germs are nasty, germs are mean,
They can give you cavities.
They can make you blow your nose,
They can give you a sore throat.
They can make you stay in bed,
They can make you hurt in your head.
So just remember...............
Germs are nasty, germs are mean,
Wash your hands so you stay clean.

Book reviews!

When Nickolas Allen finds a pen and calls it a "Frindle", it gets out of hand! And when he trys to make "Frindle" a word? It's a book with excitement that I think ANY kid would like. I give "Frindle" a super excellent plus!
What word would might Nick have made up if he hadn't come up with "Frindle"? I think he would have come up with a word for "Back-pack". Maybe the word "School holder"?!

The Perfect Thanksgiving

By: Elieen Spinelli
I liked the book The Perfect Thanksgiving because it was funny and the drawings were cool and creative and the main girl kept on comparing Thanksgivings at her house, and the Thanksgivings at her friend, Abigail's house. I would say this is a book for any kid, (or adult) that likes Thanksgiving and Family.

Jake Drake know-it-all

By: Andrew Clements

It's about a boy named Jake and at his school, their having a science fair. The prize is Jake's dream computer! Jake really wants to win! But Kevin and Marila, some know-it-alls, really want that computer too! Jake's determined to win. It's a fun book and the heart of the book is: Team Work!

Magic School Bus

The Search of the Missing Bones

By: Eva Moore

Mrs. Frizzle tells the class that they are having a early Halloween party and she brought some skelton costums. But some of the bones are missing! They go to the costume factory. When they go to look for bones, they see the ghost of John!!! They go to find more and the lights go out and they see John and some of his buddies dancing! A howling starts and stops. The lights go back on. When they are done, they figure out that they have been tricked! The ghosts were really workers that were testing out their new glow-in-the-dark costumes! The kids get cool masks and go back to school to learn about the skull and start their Halloween party! I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Dealing With Dragons

By: Patricia C. Wrede

Cimorene refuses to be a proper princess. She took magic lessons, fencing lessons and cooking lessons. All destroyed by her father. Cimorene is so mad, she goes to live with a dragon! But not just any dragon. Kazul: a very powerful dragon. And Cimorene likes it! And she doesn't refuse to cook dessert for 15 dragons! When Cimorene is serving dessert, she hears them talking about wizards. Evil wizards. They are trying to get a stone that only the king of dragons can have. Then, Cimorene figures out that they are trying to presude a dragon named Wroaug to win by enchanting the Colin Stone: the stone to see who is the new king. This is a great book with stone princes to witches and the magical caves of fire and night. But the real question is, will the wizards plan be destroyed by Cimorene and her friends? Find out by reading Dealing With Dragons, a great book!! (P.S I forgot to tell you, I give this book 6 out of 5 stars!)

Here is the cover to Dealing With Dragons

Personal Naritives


The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt By: Megan McDonald

I think that Joody and Stink will win because they found the last piece of silver of the treasure hunt in the bell. So they will get the gold and the trip on the ship! Yay!

Because Of Windixie

What can you infer about the man at the pet store, Otis?
I think that Otis likes Elivs because he puts his hair like Elvis and he plays the guitar! He doesn't have alot of friends either.

Thanksgiving at the Tappeltons By: Elieen Spinelli

I think that Mrs. Tappelton will tell Mike that it wasn't his fault and that she will just have to make a new turkey. And I think that they will buy another turkey because they are not poor, but they are not rich either.

Stone Fox By: John Gardiner

I think that Grandpa is worrying about Little Willie's future and about how Willie is going to buy food and survive with only Doc Smith and Searchlight.

Gloria Dump, Because of Winn Dixie

Littmus Losenge, Because of Winn Dixie


Haiti Help!

By: Anita and Jordan
We are asking you to please help donate to The Red Cross. There was a gigantic and terrible earth quake in Haiti. Now they don't have any water and it's hard to find food. They have no shelter and it's hard to survive. Do you want to donate $5.00 in 5 seconds? Now you can!!! Text this number: #24357 if you want to make a donation and make a difference. Be a part of The Red Cross and save millions of lives in Haiti and other places that need help!!!!

Poppy and Leopard

By: Anita Davis

One fine afternoon in the noisy jungle, (when it was just a drizzle,) Poppy, a female mouse, (that was very tricky,) was walking. Suddenly, Leopard came walking in starving and spotted Poppy! He grinned his grin that was evil and mean. “Hello Poppy,” said Leopard very causally. “I was just about to have lunch, would you like to join me?” Poppy was silent. She didn’t know what to say! “Um… I guess…. Sure,” said Poppy. “Great,” said Leopard, “I have a plate. Now you need one too! Hop on my paw and I'll help you find something like a leaf to make a plate. Poppy jumped on Leopard's paw. “Yummmm…..” said Leopard. “I have lunch, you!!!!” Poppy was quick. She spotted a giant thorn on the ground. “Wait,” cried Poppy! “You can’t eat me, King Lion has ordered me to protect his ring,” said Poppy pointing to the giant thorn. "His ring," asked Leopard? "He doesn't want anyone to where it," said Poppy. " I want to wear it," cried Leopard! "Oh no," said Poppy, "King Lion would be very mad." "Come on Poppy," said Leopard, "No-one will know!" "Oh, all right, but first you have to let me run far away so no-one will blame me," said Poppy. "Oh, all right. You can go now," said Leopard. Poppy ran far, far away. "Oh boy! Wearing the King's ring!" But when Leopard put on the ring...... "OUCH," cried Leopard!
My picture of Poppy and Leoperd

Paragraph Writing:

Mrs. Wilson

Mrs. Wilson was our sub yesterday. It was great to learn about her! I will tell you about her so if you ever have her, you will know what to tell her, what to ask her! She might ask a question. You will know that answer!

In her family, her father has ear problums. That's why she has hearing aids. And her aunt has eye problums. Her glasses are normal and sunglasses. She got hot in our room.
She would be sweating if she was wearing her native-american dress! It's a real native-american dress that's made from deer skin and trust me, Mrs. Wilson is really tall and the dress goes down to her ankles! It has a weasle tail hanging from the chest like a tie. Her great-grandmother got this dress. She would have had to been a blood-brother back then to get a dress like that!
We learned that in school! Speaking of school, Mrs. Wilson used to teach kindergarden when she was in Ohio. She also taught first-grade there. She was the only first-grade teacher there so she had 40 children in the morning and 40 children in the afternoon! She had 80 kids every day!!!
Mrs. Wilson is one of the best subs I've ever had!!! Or maybe is tied with....... Oh ya. Well I'm not talking about other subs. I'm talking about Mrs. Wilson! I sure hope we have her again!

Mrs. Wilson's Indian Dress

Paragraph Writing:

Hobbes, My Dog

Hello! My name is Anita and I would like to tell you about my dog Hobbes. If your reading this and you have a dog, I can help you! If you don't, no matter. You'll know about it if you ever get one!

First things first, how to and when to feed him: feed them the food depending on their diet. Hobbes has problems with his stomach, I need to feed him things that have no corn in it. You should buy bowls: one for the food and one fo the water.
You can get these things at the pet store.

You can get gromming and baths at the pet store too! Hobbes needs bathes every month. (or if he gets really dirty!) He needs nis nails cliped too for if they get too long, they will cause problems in walking and running. If it gets hot outside, we need to cut Hobbes' fur. We cut Hobbes' fur normaly in the summer.

We take him out alot in the summer. The winter just the same. My dad and I take Hobbes out every night, For a big, golden-retreiver like him, I have to get all of his energy out! Every day, I grab my lacrosse stick and throw the ball. He gets more energy in the summer because if the snow gets really deep, it is hard for him to run. In my backyard, we have a tiny slope, it sorta looks like a little sled hill!

Well, that's all I need to tell you for your dog, but maybe, your dog needs more things! Like jackets. Some dogs that have like, no fur have to have jackets in the winter and sunbloke in the summer! A chinese crested is one of those dogs! Well, I could go on and on about dogs but before I go, here is a couple things I would like to remind you: make sure that your dog is well suited for what you can do, like border coalies because they have so much energy that you have to let them outside every so often!! Dogs are man's-best-friend so let's keep that going and be very kind to your dog!

Shrinking Notes!



Paragraph Writing:

My Vacation in Indiana

My family decided to visit our cousins in Indiana. It's a long trip, (eight hours) but it's worth the wait!!! They moved there because my uncle's job was there and he didn't get to see his kids often enough. They moved there five summers ago. We barley get to see them!
The car trip is the hard part! Eight hours in a car?! My mom early dismisled me and when I got home, I started to pack like crazy! We had to wait for my dad and belive me, I was ready to go! He came home, packed and we were off!
After eight hours, we got to my cousins house and un-packed. Every-one huged and talked and by the time every-one got in-to the house, my sister and cousin were yaking away! I spent my time watching my cousin, Nick play Starwars Battle Front on his XBOX 360! After about two hours, every-one was sacked out and fell asleep!
The next day my dad, Nick and I went to the lake to skip stones. One of the stones, (that my dad through/skiped) went all across the lake! I spotted some turtles! You could see their little heads popping up from the water! Nick said that they sometimes got the small turtles on their drive-way!
Two more days and before I knew it, I was heading back to Michigan! I didn't truly want to go but I knew I had to. Indiana is a fun place! With cows, farms and horses! I can't WAIT to go back again!

Paragraph Writing:

Why you should recycle

I think that people should recycle. Why? Well, there is sevrel reasons. I'll list three. Let's first talk bout littering:
When we litter, some people think it goes away. True. But it won't go any-where better. As you can see, littering is bad for the earth. So is throwing away things that can be recycled.
Every-thing that we throw away goes in-to a land-fill. The more we throw away, the more things go in-to land-fills. If we keep on throwing things away, then one day, my home or your home might turn in-to a land-fill! Also...recycling doesn't go in-to the dump, it gets reused or redused! Recycling makes our world an awesome place to live!
If we start recycling, then we'll have a perfect world! It's the only planet that we can live on. If we don't recyclel, than the only planet we live on will become a wreck. Recycling has made our world a better place to live for our generations and hopefully, more to come! If we recycle, than we'll have more living space .
Recycling is easy to do. Just put paper, cans or empty water-bottles in side a recycling bin. Also, you can keep it and use it for something else. And if you mess up a drawing, than draw on the back. I hope you learned something and remember..........


Power Points

Social Studies


Which is more important:

Services. Because a servise is what makes the goods. Like apples. If they don't grow the apples, than you can't sell them.