​Clementine is a great book. it's about a who is girl eight years old who is very creative and she had a cat her name was pookadoty but she died.She has a frinend named Margreat clementine's dad works at a hotel where there famliy live.She call's her brother all sorts of vegstabul names cause she has a fruit name.In the story she cut's all of her hair and margreats margreats house is like a magazin pichter every thing is all was clean and every thing is where it need two go.Clementine is a good book I like it a lot clementine is a book about friend ship

by James Partalis The Magic School Bus Search of the Missing Bones author Eva Moore

One day in Miss Frizzle's class Miss Frizzle said that they would have there Halloween party early.She had some costumes that they would wear but some bones were missing.So they went to the factory were they got there costumes.At the factory they were getting there missing bones from there costume and each time they got a bone Miss Frizzle would teach them about it.When they were going in the bus to the next stop the lights turnred outand these skelentons came out of no were and Miss Frizzle's class thought it was the ghost of John.They heard howling after the lights came on.When they found all there bones they were going back to there party.The ghosts were the workers from the factory and there boss gave Miss Frizzle's class some masks.Miss Frizzle's class learned about the skull when they got back and had their party.The End

My book review of Nate the Great and the Halloween Hunt by Margery Shar
Kenley B.
I think this book is a great book because it is a Halloween mystery. It is about a little cat named Little Hex. He is terrified of Halloween. He hides somewhere and no one can find him. They try to find him and at the end they finally find him. Margery Sharmat is a great author. IThe book was excellent. It started oitut as just a regular story and then turned into a mystery. I liked trying to figure out what was going to happen next. The book was amazing. I really liked this book.

Gooney The Fabulous! by Lois Lowery
Olivia Z.
There was a class of second graders. They were making up fables of animals using their first names. And then they had a parade.
And I think it was a really good book.

My Book review of Gooney the Fabulous by Lois Lowery
Kenley B.
I like this book because it is funny. The main idea in this book is 2nd graders doing fables about animals that start with the first letter of their name. In the story they have a parade. I think it is very creative they have a bunch of raps in the story. The story is a very fun, fabulous chapter book that is great for kids. Lois Lowery is a fantastic author.

Nate the Great and the Halloween Hunt! by Margery Shar
Olivia Z.
Nate the great was in his house with his dog. Somebody rang his door bell and it was his friends. One said I can't find my little Hex, which was her cat.
Then they looked all over the place and could not find Hex. So they went in a haunted house to find Hex and she was not there. So Nate
looked in his friends basket and little Hex was in there. And I think it was a Fabulous book! And it was Halloween.

Nate the great and the Halloween hunt!
I liked the book Nate the great and the Halloween hunt. It was like a story in the begging. But then it turned in to a mystery. It was about a cat who was missing.
The cats name was Little Hex. But Little hex was in the bag the whole time. By Alexandra .f

Reviw of Goonie theFabulus by Amelia B. Goonie the Fabulus is a book about Goonie and her freinds writing fabels and then telling them to the class and then a couple days later they made a parade rap around the school. And when they reached the multipurpus room and the preformed a show from A to Z.

Nate the

Nate The Great And The Halloween Hunt By:Margery Sharmot

Nate the Grate was just about to go Trick-Or-Treting when the door bell rang it was Jas with a Trick-Or Trete bag
then Nate put some tretes in the bag then he closed the door then the door bell rang it was his friends
then one of the friends had to mak a costoom for Trick-Or-Treting
then little Rex secretly cralled in to the Trick-Or-Trete bag then she couldn't find little Rex. Then Nate The Great had to go in to the hunted house then Nate sough something
under a sheet then Nate thought it was little Rex. Then he went back to
his friends house then on the couch in the basket was little Rex.

A cat on halloween goes missing and
they searched everywhere even in a
haunted house! Then they relize if a
cat is scared it will hide under something
so they search under stuff and find the
cat under a blanket inside someones

Grace D.

My book reviw of Nate the Great and the Holloween hunt. at the beging it seemed like just a story but in the middle it turned into a mysteryto find Esmarelda's cat,Little Hecks. But it turned out that Little Hecks was in her basket the whole time

Amelia B.

Gooney the fabulous
By: Lois Lowry
It was about this second grade class and they made up fables. The fables had to start with the first letter of their first name. Their fables had to have a moral. A moral is kind of a lesson. At the end, they had a parade around the school in their costums that they made to go with their animals and they wore name tags with their animals name on it. A kid named Tyrone made a rap to go along with the parade.
I thought it was a FABULOUS book. Anita D.


Nate the great had a mystery on his hands.little Hex was lost little Hex was nate the great's friends cat.
He looked in a hanted house.when he shout the door it cloosed and looked.

Nate The Great and the Halloween Hunt By: Marjery Sharmot
It's about this boy named Nate the Great and he is passing out candy on Halloween. When his friends come and say that there cat, little Hex is missing it's up to Nate to solve the mistery. It seems like forever but at the end, when they THINK that they looked every where, they find the little Hex in the Trick-or-treating bag! Little Hex was there the whole time!
I would give it four star's out of five. Anita D.


Its about a girl named Clementine and she's jelus because she's named after a fruite, and her little brother isn't. Clementine always does things right, its just that she's the one that always gets in-trouble! She's friends with a girl named Margret, sorda. Its just that Margret always ask's for help from Clementine, like when there in the bath-room, and the art teacher catches Clementine cutting off Margret's hair! "I was just trying to help," she said! So its a book that shoose don't ever think or say that you can't do some-thing!
I loved this book! Anita D.


Clementine is a girl that lives with her mom, dad, and little brother.
The great pigeon war is the pigoens v.s her and her dad. They don't like how
the pigoens are always on the roof of there apartment so clementine
has an idea to spill cheerios by the side of the apartment so all
the pigoens will be over

Magic School Bus And the search for the missing bones. By Chad F.

It started off with Ms. Frizzle walking into the classroom
and handing out skeleton costumes to everyone and said
"were having an early halloween party!" But when everyone
looked at thier costumes they realized that they were all, missing
bones! So everyone in the class went with Ms. Frizzle to the
factory that made their bones, to look for their bones, but at first
they couldn't find them, then they found the bones.On the way
back, they saw a skeleton that they thought was the ghost of
John, and then they sang the ghost of John, song.But when they
got to the parking area the workers showed that they did a trick on
them by puting on glow in the dark skeleton costumes and they just
laughed.And on the way back, they had their party with punch,
cookies & cake. THE END