Hey how ya doin?

Frindle By Chad F.
If Nick didn't make up the word Frindle what would be another word
he would make up?
I think curbe should be socker.

My drhQ3UIY



Which is more important,goods or sevices? Goods.

Why? Goods are more important beacause to run a sevice you need goods, (like to run a store you need things to sell.)

Mrs. Wilson

Yesterday we had Mrs. Wilson as are sub.She was very nice.Especially when she read to us because I liked the way she used expression.
Mrs. Wilson said that the earings she was wearing were clip-on's and she said she is a chicken because she wouldn't get her
ear's pierced.Mrs. Wilson said that all of are cursive work was very nice too.When we came back from afternoon recess,she
started to tell us about her faimly.It was really cool.First she talked about the fact that hearing-aids run through her faimly
which was pretty intresting.And how she use to live in Ohio and was the only kintergarten teacher in the school.And after
that,she told us that her grandmother gave her an old native-american dress she said,was made out of dear skin.She also
said by the collar, there's a weasel tail which sound's cool. Overall Mrs. Wilson was a great teacher!


Alot of the time in the summer I love to go fishing.Fishing is forsure my hobby.I fish off a boat so I catch bigger fish.
Since I don't have a boating license I can't drive,but I drive in my dads lap so it's okay.When we have found a good spot,I tie my hook on
my pole.And after that,I sometimes use worms,minnows,fake minnows or some kind of metal lure.I usally use a fake minnow, so I put
it on the hook.Then I place my finger on the ring,then I slowly raise my pole back behind me, gently pressing down on the ring........
annnnnnnnd..... FLING! I let go of the ring, and fling the pole forward.Wow I think as my line flys way ou there and lands in the water.
PLOP! it lands.And now I wait, and I wait and I wiggle it around a little to make it look like it is real & alive.Wait! I feel a little bite.
Now I focus.And...... YANK! The fish pulls really hard.I raise my pole and reel as fast as I can.Pulling too! Splash it jumps out
of the water and lands back in.I still keep pulling on my rod to get'em on the boat.Finally! I got him on the boat.I stare at it,
thinking what a great fish I had just caught.Now I just have to take the lure out.I groan,moan & struggle as I try to slide the
lure out of it's mouth.Snap! it comes out.Now I take the fish by it's mouth and Plop! drop it back in to the water. Next
time, if the fish is some sort of fish that's edible.We would keep it, bring it home, and fallet it and eat.Also,
if there's a bigger fish, someone will use a net to help get it on the boat. THE END!


Butterflies by Chad F.

A few days ago we let the butterflies that
we have been keeping for about a month, go.
One just took off but the other two just stayed
there.Some kids used flip cameras to tell what they thought would happen.
Other kids used digital cameras to take pictures
of the butterflies.


If you'll be my valentine, Mrs.Rayle

If you'll be my valentine I'll never be bad.I'll always cheer you up and make you feel glad.


Shrinking Notes project


The Resturant By Chad F.

I smell the chicken cooking in the oven
I taste the wonderful blueberry muffin
I hear the burger go sssss when it hits the grill
and the cash register goes ding when I insert my dollar bill
Then I see my medium coke
I look outside and theres a tree and it's an oak
I feel the fluffy bun on the burger
in the kitchen I see a worker
when I get in the parking lot I see my car
and I think we should have gone to the salad bar.


Alexander Ovechkin
Alexander Ovechkin

Alexander Ovechkin is my favorite hockey player!




Jake Drake Know - it all

Jake Drake Know it - all
is about a kid who is trying to
win the science fair.

Stone Fox
By John Gardnir.
I think grandfather is worried
about little Willy not being able to take care of the farm
and himself.

Judy Moody and stink The Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad Treasure hunt
What do you infer will happen next?
I think they will team up and sail to another
Island for another Treasure hunt.

12/1 Otis

What can you infer about the man in the pet store,Otis.

I think,Otis will let Opal work at the pet store if,he like's Winn-Dixie.


Clementine By Chad F.

I think Clementine is a really good book because it
teaches a good lesson about friendship and getting
along with each other.I would reccomend this book
four out of five stars.Clementine is a book about a
girl who was acsidentlly mean to her best friend Margret
by shaving all of her hair off because Margret had glue in
her hair and she was being sarcastic when she said
shave my head off! and then Clementine shaved all of
her hair off too make it even and they both tryed to draw
there hair with a super perminint marker.Mean while her
dad is a costotian for the apartment building and they
both try too scare the piegons away from pooping on
the apartment building.



ou: doubt proud couch mouth loud

ow: crowd brown vow scowl clown

oi: spoil noise joint point hoist

challenge: downstairs outfeild frowning moisten

double- dragging quitting shopping swimming drop e -waving caring driving whining hoping no change- pushing kicking raining waiting oddballs- mixing taxing

challange words quoting thanking mourning omitting ignoring

​ spelling 11/30

short u lunch crumb stunt such

u_e flute use huge June cube

ew chew grew knew drew

oddballs put push

Challenge: threw curfew shrewd thumb thus


oo=u school moon smooth tooth

ui fruit suit cruise juice

ue blue sue clue true

Oddballs poor build cruel

Challenge proof rescue continue bruise cartoon


slipped grabbed stopped knotted rubbed whizzed
add ed
dreamed picked tracked watched called
add d
liked wasted traded skated
scolded questioned anwsered responded corected



ER: germ, fern, herd, stern, clerk EAR: clear, year, beard, dear EER: cheer, peer, deer, sneer ODDBALLS: heart, wear


es boxes mixes glasses buses inches dishes
i to y babies worries berries bodies
keep y add s plays mankeys trays enjoys turkeys
challange words bonuses ditches cities counties trophies


doubles: maddest dimmed shipping swimmer flatten
root word: dim ship mad
no doubles: dimly madness coldest hunted shipment sandy
oddball: snowed
challenge: thinest grassy crowded strutting redish


Please text the Red Cross.
There was a horrible earthquake in Haiti.
Here is Red Cross text #24357
just text FIVE DOLLARS and YOU! Can save 1 hundred people and more!
You see, when every faimly at pierce donates just 5 dollars
it makes 3,000 dollars!
These people need are help!
Save Haiti
By Chad F.
Trevor B.

Social Studies

Native American's
The Huron & the Anishnabeg

Alike Different
They speak the The Hurons
same language.
There both native
american tribes.


i grill quick drink crib bring

ir girlfriend twirl firm shirt thirst third

ire tired hire fire wire

challenge skirmish birthday squirt confirm squirm

Kitty The Monster By: Chad F.

Once there was a monster named Kitty. Kitty was very strong & hairy. Kitty’s teeth were as strong as metal. And he had hair all over his body. One day Kitty decided to move out and hide under four beds to scare
Little kids. On the first bed Kitty was prepared to jump, sooooo! Kitty jumped to grab the kid, and when he was in the air he realized that the bed was made out of steel, BANG Kitty hit his head and ran away.
On the next bed, first he tested it with his finger to make sure it was soft, it was so he jumped to grab the kid until he figured out that the kid was a robot, ‘’AHHHHHHH!’’ Kitty screamed and ran away. On the next bed Kitty made sure it was soft, it was. Then he checked that the kid was real he was, then he jumped to grab the kid but the kid tazed him! ‘’Ahhhhhhhhhh’’ Kitty got shocked. On the next bed Kitty was a little nervous that something bad was going to happen, but first he checked to make sure it was soft it was, then he made sure the kid was real, he was then he checked his hands, he wasn’t holding anything so
He jumped and grabbed the kid ‘’AHHHHHHHHH!’’ the kid screamed
Kitty screamed, and the kid went back to sleep while Kitty ran away.

The End

Michigain's early people fact They used caraboui skin for camoflouge.