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Challenge: threw curfew shrewd thumb thus

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has have made up if he hadnt come up with frindle rindul

otis 12/1/09

i infur that otis like elivis and he dosint have a girl frend and he havs a dog


clemintimtke is relly funy the best port of the book wos at the end the end wos win at a porty and the porty wos a bot that she got the pigins to move and win she wos at the porty she got a presint and the presint wos a baby kitun and the funy port wos win she named the cat mostrisur

Inferences 11/09

do you infer will be the next thing to happn in judy moody and stink the mad;mad;mad;mad tresure hunt

One cool fact that we learnd about
By Calista & John
We learnd about was how the hopewell make ther mouns by puting the body in to some logs and
put ther belonging in with it.

My Poetry!


sumur is hot sumur is nis but win it gits to hot and to nis and you wont to play out sid som tims you gost have to go insid and relaks gost for a day or gost for a nit but
not for avar that wont be nis

if youll be my valentine mrs,Rayle if youll be my valentine you can hug me all you wont Each day will laf and even play and I wont tont

Help hati

hati is in trouble.!!
Thay had a terrbul earthqwake!

all you have to do is text to Red cross!
Hera is the text number... 24357

it only cost 5 dollrs.

after school snack goldfish bannanas popcorn

win i come home from school i ushille eat a lot of goldfish i like goldfish be cos its gost so good

magic school bus the search for the missing bons

In the beging Mrs.Frizzel and the kids are going to have a Hollween party but they don't have most of the parts to their costumes, so

how to care for a cat

i will tell you how to care for a cat first feeding it then war it sleeps and toys
win i feed my cat i give it tuna on fridays and on othr days i give it driy food .
war my cat sleps is in her cat bed but at seh sleps in my bed .
i all was give my cat a skrathing pol and my cat plays with littul bolls to play with.
and thats how you care for a ca

i ifer that willes grapa is woring a bo t willes fuchr cos his grapa is relly sick and mit die

​vacation alpena

my family wos going to alpena in a week but somting bad hapind

why we shold recycl
if we dont recycl
esay to do

why we shold recycl
is to help the earth, animals too. But not just that, for us too. That's why you shoudl recycle. And there is more was to help the Earth
if we dint recycl
now if we dint recycl ar world wold ve a big trash ball and animels wont beabl to live and we wont beabl to live plats will die so naw you see wot will hapin if we ditint recycl
Esay to do
its easy to recycl cas all you have to do is if something is recyclbul gost put it in the green recycl boxs and if you have any cans you can tak them to a stoer and
thar are big mishens and a littel hole is in it and you put the cans in it and then money comes out


goods is more inportant because you need goods to pervide a service

Michigan chillers
Great lakes ghost By johnathan rand