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Halloween BY. Alexandra.f
I can feel
a beautiful night.
I hear
of excitement
of Halloween. I see smiles waiting for
oh Halloween plplease come sooner
I taste candy
that's making my mouth water.

Trevor Halloween Night.

I feel the soft seedy
buns.I see the kechup
dripple down the meat.
I hear the grill heating
up.I smell the yummy
sent of hamburgurs.I
taste the SO GOOD
meat and kechup and
musturd and pickles.THE END Olivia Fogel

Halloween By Max L.
I feel scared on Halloween but I still have fun.
I taste the candy it tastes yummy on my lips.
I can see the cool costumes
in the moonlight.I can hear people say
trick or treat on Halloween.


Holloween The restourant By Chad F.

By Grace D.
Halloween is a spooky night
When all the bats and black cats come out
They prowl and fly through the dark night
And suprise all the people!

By:Adam B.
I feel the crispy leaves with their orange, yellow and red leaves.I smell the pumpkin pie when it is steaming by the window. I see people raking their leaves up in to a giant pile and there kids jump in the leaves.Then they walk inside and make their selves some milk or hot chocolate with marshmallows
or chocolate milk with pumpkin spice cookies. I see people putting up there halloween decorations.
Then they go to the pumpkin patch. Once they got there they searched for the biggest pumpkin there. Then after
a few days they had carved the inside of their pumpkin. After that on halloween night their moms lighted the candle and stuck it inside of the pumpkin. Finally its time for my favorite part, Trick-or-treating!!! And you all probably know how that went.
The End

Chocolate Chip Cookies
By: Anita.D
I smell that chocolaty smell in the air!
Mom has been making chocolate chip cookies again!​
I see them rising in the oven,
and see the chocolate chips melting.
After they are done,
I smell that chocolaty smell again,
but this time,
I'm tasting it too!


Pumpkins i love pumpkins.
I smell all the squash from the pumpkins.
I tast all the pumkin pie YAY!.I see
all the scary stuff.I feel all the lines on

the pumkins.My favorite is trick-or-treating!!!!!.
I LOVE ALL THE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
I love pumpkins.



CANDY! CANDY! I love candy.
I smell your sweet sweet smell in the air.
When you are gone my happynis is empty.
With out you I would not be the same

I see the darkness of halloween night.
It gives me the frights.
Everywhere i go,
I feel like I am being watched.